ShelbyShelby L.M. Vevers, CIP

Senior Adjuster

A veteran adjuster and owner with a regional firm in the Fraser Valley, Shelby joined Cornerstone at the end of 2010 as the next step in her long and successful adjusting career in large-loss claims management and fraud investigation. Having held a partnership position from 2013-2021, she was responsible for the oversight of our property division, which saw dynamic growth under her expert leadership.

Shelby has given our firm a much-increased profile among insurers both locally and at the national level. She has long held a strong reputation amongst property and casualty insurers for her breadth of expertise, effectively managing claims in all lines of insurance, and excelling at the most complex, sensitive and difficult claim situations. She exhibits an approachable and down-to-earth manner which puts individuals at ease, encourages cooperation, and instills confidence in all parties to an issue.

Shelby can be reached at our Fraser Valley office at (604) 888-3335, on her mobile phone at (604) 308-7400, or by email to

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