David Stroyan

Senior Adjuster

We were extremely fortunate that David joined us in February, 2017 as a member of our adjusting team, following his 35 year career as a senior claims adjuster with the Insurance Corporation of B.C.   David’s long experience working in the front lines of ICBC’s Fraser Valley Claim Centres affords him the ability to manage even the most complex claim situation with confidence and precision.   

With his deep professional and personal connection to the Fraser Valley, David brings an invaluable insight and leadership to our auto & liability adjusting service offering in that fast-growing region.  Our clients know that they can count on David to deliver sound, consistent, and timely results…. particularly in cases requiring time-sensitive and specialized handling.

David can be reached on his cellular at (604) 818-6876 or email at dstroyan@cornerstoneadjusters.com.

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